Roller/Gatherer Test

This was our test for a sort of gatherer, seems to work nicely

This is on our test bot, not the actual robot that we will use

cool! cant wait to see you guys at UCF

Would you mind sharing the RPM (or motor and gearing) and OD of the roller?

And the material. :slight_smile:

This is cool, though of doing something like this with a little twist so the ball always stays in the middle of the roller, i’d like to see the roller tested on a mecanum drive driving sideways to see if the ball still stays in place.

Looks like they are using a pool noodle. Looks good.

ya, we had that idea too of doing like an archimedes screw towards the center from both sides so it stays centered but it will be hard cause then how it touches the ball will change too

I’ll give u a hint the roller is something that will be on ever1s bot… as for the other stuff test it :slight_smile:

Dude, someone already guessed it lol

Brian cheats :slight_smile:

We have tested the roller concept and plan on implementing it. I am writing up our parts order for our dribbler system right now actually.

I was just hoping to get additional test data to supplement ours

I hate to sound like a safety-maniac, but I was safety captain on my old team for the past 2 years and sometimes I just can’t resist! (Sorry if this sounds mean, I just would hate for someone to get hurt :mad: )

The person in the background was holding wires into the battery, this is a huge safety violation. That battery outputs enough current to kill you, and it should be handled safely!!!

Yeah its wired correctly now. =)

And no worries we only lost one person (sarcasm mark)

great post!
Similar to what we will do, except heater pipe insulation.:smiley:

they have heater pipes in Hawaii? :smiley:

nice roller how well does it work when the robot spins 360?

when we were testing it the farthest i believe that we went was close to or around 180 degrees but from what we did it looks like it would be great even at 360

how quickly did you rotate with it?

well about as fast the 4 wheel base test bot of ours would turn, when we move it to our 6 wheeler it might be different though

Haven’t tried it yet. The plates we are going to make for the outside should keep it from getting away from of though…In theory lol.

from the link, the original test shows better how good it does first grabbing the ball