Rollers on mecanum wheels, does the style matter?

While looking around for parts for a mecanum drive system for this year I noticed that there are different styles of rollers on mecanum wheels. For instance, the VexPro mecanums have two cone shaped rollers
as opposed to this AndyMark mecanum with barrel-shaped rollers

Is there a difference in performance between the two roller configurations? We currently have the VexPro 4" mecanums on our prototype drivetrain. I have only seen these wheels used for intakes and have only ever seen the AndyMark type on drivetrains. This is our first mecanum drivetrain so any advice is much appreciated.

We have used both in the past. What we have found is the vexPro seem to have a more circular cross section so they roll smoother but the andymark ones are easier to fix if a caster breaks because the bolt is on the outside. The vex pro ones you have to split the wheel to replace one of the rollers. Now the important thing about the vex pro ones is if you find older ones, make sure you replace the rollers with the new style. The old ones were all plastic but the new ones have a metal center to each roller (the ones they sell now all have the metal core to them). If you have the old ones you will most likely pop off more of them than you can think of.

In our experience we have had better luck in a pushing match with the vex pro, but we have had an easier time strafing with the andymark. Depends on what you value more.