Romi connection issue

I am trying to install PhotonVision on a Romi, and I am having network connection issues. I am connected to both the Romi and the internet via wifi as I bought a USB wifi adapter. I can see the Romi as well as use an internet connection on my computer at the same time, so I know the connections are working. However, whenever I try to run the command
“wget -O”
I get the following error:

*--2022-03-14 03:19:06--*
Resolving ( failed: Temporary failure in name resolution.
wget: unable to resolve host address ‘’

My firewall is off. Networking is not my strong-suit, so I am likely making a silly error. Can anyone help me diagnose the issue?

Your computer has access to the internet, but the Romi doesn’t (your computer doesn’t route internet between the connections). Your best bet is to change the Romi to bridge mode and have it connect to your local wifi.

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I tried changing to bridge mode last night, and I couldn’t see the Romi at all. And then had to reflash the pi as I had no way to connect and change the settings back. I have the two wireless connections because I couldn’t get it working with an Ethernet connection.

Any thoughts on what would be the issue with it in Bridge mode?

You have to get all the settings correct. In particular, the IP settings also should be changed from static to DHCP.

Even setting up the Bridge as shown in the wpilib docs, it doesn’t work. I can’t connect as wpilibpi.local. I used AngryIP to find its ip address and can connect that way.

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