Romi firmware modification to drive FRC motors

If you have the need to use the ROMI platform to drive full size FRC bushed motors, here is an easy firmware modification which enables the seamless usage of two Talon SR or Victor PWM motor controllers (unfortunately not CAN), to replace the small ROMI motors and drivers. The complete documentation and software is available here:

I plan to experiment further with ROMI in the next few weeks, and my plans include using a better gyro and connect CUI AMT-103V encoders.



While it’s fun to see people extend the Romi platform in various ways, please be careful when doing this. The Romi platform is not designed for safety in the same way that the RoboRIO ecosystem is, so it’s quite easy to completely lose control of the motors with the only recourse being to cut the power. This isn’t much of a problem when the worst that could happen is the Romi driving off a table or into a wall, but if you’re hooking up larger mechanisms, please be careful and think about how you will safely cut the power if when it goes haywire.


Just want to expand a bit on what Peter said. The Romi platform and inside software is not designed for big robots. There are and have been situations where the robots have literally “ran away” for several seconds due to network lag. We have done our best to mitigate it, but it’s sorta the con when the actual robot program runs on your PC and not onboard itself.

We like teams expanding on the Romi robot, but with heed of caution. The moment you scale up to something that could hurt someone, there is no guarantee of safety. Please be careful


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"I’m by no means an expert, but I have some experience with robotics. My first job out of college was working on robots at NASA, and my undergraduate degree project was on robotic navigation. I spent my teenage years participating in FIRST Robotics, programming software bots to fight in virtual tournaments, and working on homemade underwater ROVs. And I’ve watched plenty of Robot Wars, BattleBots, and Killer Robots Robogames.

If all that experience has taught me anything, it’s that the robot revolution would end quickly, because the robots would all break down or get stuck against walls. Robots never, ever work right."


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