Romi - FTC - Driver Station APK


I recently discovered that the Romi could run FTC code. I’ve been following this documentation: Welcome to FTC Romi’s documentation! — FTC Romi documentation and I’m unable to find the FTC-Romi.apk in github per the directions. I’ve searched as best as I can, with no luck finding any credible sources.

Also, I’m wondering if the code has been updated to use a newer version of the WPILibRomi releases for FTC?

I’m new to posting on forums so please let me know if I’m not following proper etiquette.

Thank you,
Mr. C

Based on the readme, I’d say it’s not ready yet:

Under Construction - Please Check Back Soon!

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Thanks Ryan_Blue. The documentation I linked to seemed like it existed at some point and there’s Chief Delphi post about a year or so old that suggested it existed there (FTC Romi files). Thought maybe it might have been relocated and the documentation wasn’t updated.

I’ll wait patiently! Thank you again.

Hi firesbane13, there is some relevant info under this FTC-Romi github issue last updated about two months ago (July). It’s possible the dev is too busy with other things, or maybe he was waiting for the new FTC season before updating.