Romi HALSimWS Websocket not connecting

After upgrading to the 2022 WPILib release the Simulator no longer connects to the Websocket, and I get no connection to the Romi.

When I start the Simulator I should get something like:

********** Robot program starting **********
HALSimWS: WebSocket Connected

This is all I get:

HAL Extensions: Attempting to load: libhalsim_gui
Simulator GUI Initializing.
Simulator GUI Initialized!
HAL Extensions: Successfully loaded extension
********** Robot program starting **********
********** Robot program startup complete **********
Default simulationPeriodic() method... Override me!

It doesn’t even try to connect, however, the Simulator does come up. There’s been no change to my network. There’s no firewall getting in the way. I haven’t used the Romi since I upgraded to the 2022 WPILib release. Does anyone have a similar issue with the Romi? Thank you.

The project upgrader isn’t aware of the Romi template, it always creates a normal robot project. The easiest way around this is to create a new 2022 Romi project and copy your code in rather than using the importer.

Yes, that was it! Thank you Peter.
For others who are importing Romi projects from the previous year, your build.gradle file will get overwritten. You have to add the following lines into build.gradle in order to connect to the Romi.

//Sets the websocket client remote host.
wpi.sim.envVar("HALSIMWS_HOST", "")
wpi.sim.addWebsocketsServer().defaultEnabled = true
wpi.sim.addWebsocketsClient().defaultEnabled = true

You can also remove the import at the top of the file and the line:
deployArtifact.jarTask = jar
near the bottom.

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