Romi Vision

This is a java vision target detection program for the Romi / wpilibpi.

The base is the java multi-camera-server. The Grip thread in there are adapted from what we used for Steamworks where it ran on the Roborio.

It will show both the camera feed and a target video on Shuffleboard and provides a network table with the targeting information. Blue line is the target center, green the image center and red outlines the target.

Replace the Grip pipeline with your own. This is done with a small 8" x 8" retroreflective target and a green led vision ring with a 9 volt battery round a pi camera,

Grip 1.5.2 needs this java pipeline import corrected to

The pipeline uses Convex Hulls as the final stage and that Output needs to be made public in the pipeline for it to run. If you don’t want to use Convex Hulls the code in Main around lines 400 needs to be changed to what is used.

Do a build in VS Code. Choose Uploaded Java Jar on the Romi web page Application tab, select

RomiTargetVision-all.jar from the build/libs folder and upload it.