Rookie 2005 Nats Qualification?

Hey all,

I’ve been looking for the information as pertaining to rookie team eligibility for the national event. I can’t find the stuff that pertains to the 2005 season, just the 2004 season, and FIRST’s website seems to be down at the moment.

So here is the question:

What does my rookie team have to do to get to the 05’ national event?

Am I correct in my assumption that we must either win a regional event, engineering inspiration award, or rookie all-star? OR, is it that these awards (if won) will qualify us immediately for the 2006 nationals?

If the previous is true, is our only hope of going to Georgia the tier system? And, being in Tier 1 would mean almost no possibility?

Please clarify for me!


You are correct in your assumption, accomplishing any of those at a 2005 regional event will qualify you for Atlanta in 2005. You may also try your luck in the tier system, but it is a long shot.

Also doing any of those this year will have no effect on your qualifying for next year, the only 2005 accomplishments that will have bearing for 2006 are if you win Nationals, win a national Engineering Inspiration award, or whoever wins the national Chairman’s Award.

thank you for clarifying.

i appreciate the speedy response!