Rookie All-star award

Does anyone know what the criteria is for this award. I was just wondering because we finisthed 7th in our last regional and the team that won this award finished in somethig like 23rd.

From Section 9 - The Awards

From your signature it looks like you got Highest Rookie Seed (because you qualified higher) and Rookie Inspiration.
Congratulations, your team is definitely on it’s way to success.

The judges do try to spread the awards out some. It would be kind of unfair and boring if one team swept the awards.

1547 won the Engineering Inspiration at Finger Lakes last year, and then we went on to win Rookie All-Star at the Greater Toronto Regional. If you keep up the good work then you are well on your way to winning Rookie All-Star :slight_smile:

So what do they do in a regional that only has one rookie team?

I’m not sure, but they have two options: give all three of the rookie awards to one team or not give out one or two of them. Which is the lesser of two evils?

You also have to keep in mind that the seeds aren’t really an accurate display of the quality of the robots. A really good rookie team could have just been unlucky with their draws in the matches and finished in the 30’s.

If I can recall correctly. 1511, Rolling Thunder, got both Highest Rookie Seed and Rookie All-Star at the Buckeye Regional last year.

Actually we received Rookie All-Star at the Finger Lakes Regional, and asked not to be considered for it at Buckeye, or GTR.

We did received Highest Rookie Seed at Buckeye, though, and a few more awards at GTR, and certainly the Championship Rookie All-Star award in Atlanta…

1511 loves rookie teams, and is always providing help, advice, to rookies, just ask!