Rookie All Star Winners in the World Championship

Hey, I am from team 9458 from Brazil and I would like to know if you guys know anyone from the previous years that won the rookie all star award in the World Championship.

My team won the Rookie All Star award from Brazil and we would like to meet a team that won the Rookie All Star award in Houston to learn with them. If you guys know anyone, please let me know.

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@marshall had team 9000 win last year and @GForce won with 9008 maybe either of them can shed some light.

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Thanks DJ.

Yes, FRC 9008 G-Force Robotics won in 2023. Happy to answer questions. Email us at: [email protected] We are returning to world championship this year as an EI winner. Happy to meet your team in person in Houston too.


Thank you so much, you helped us a lot!

I sent a email for you guys to schedule to meeting. We would be happy to meet you in person in Houston.

Team 9586 won Rookie All Star at the Colorado Regional, and was awarded a wildcard ticket to worlds. We would be happy to connect in Houston!