Rookie All-Star

Hey Guys I’m looking for some advice about rookie all-star submissions.
I know we don’t need to have to follow the Chairman’s structure exactly, but would it be ok to just free-style the structure of our submission?

Also, when should we submit it?


  • Alex


There is no formal submission process for the Rookie All-Star Award. This award is a judged award at the events. The judges will perform Pit Interviews on Friday and talk to all the teams, develop nominees for the various awards and then re-interview the candidates. I would suggest using what you wanted to submit as a handout to the judges so that they have something to remember your team by when they are deliberating the awards selection.

My Team won the rookie ALL-STAR Award and the Rookie Highest Seed last year. I believe we only prepared a Business Plan, but we put a LOT of hours of work on it. This year we are going after the chairman’s award, and although we may have tough competition, we believe we have potential.
The best you can do is tell your story the best way you can.

On the paper try to describe your team in a way everyone will understand, making every single sentence important. How is your team special? What goals do you have? What improvements have you seeen in yourself and in your teammates? what does FIRST mean to you? Be as specific as you can! interview students and mentors. That will give you an idea of where is everyone standing.

At competition try to have as much fun as you can, think of different ways to show your team spirit and most importantly show your Gracious Professionalism!! Make sure there’s someone at the pits at all times. You don’t want a lot of people there 'cause it’s always crowded. 3-4 people is enough. You can always rotate students. It’s also important to make sure someone is listening to the announcements. Try to get to the field at least 10 minutes before your match, that will give you enough time to get ready and talk strategy with your alliance :slight_smile: On my team, after every match the drive team meets with our strategy mentor to talk about what went right and wrong, things we could have done differently and i think that helped us a lot. If you think that coud benefit your team as well then go for it! :wink:

Remember that within the rules, there’s alwasy a different way to play the game:D
Have FUN! and good luck at the competition!!