Rookie All Star

Is it true that if you win the rookie all star award you are invited to compete in Atlanta?

yes, however, you still have to find the funding and organize how to get to Atlanta

Yes, that is true. There are four awards you can win at a regional competition to be invited to one of the “reserved” spots to compete at the Championship Event- Regional Champion (3 teams), Regional Chairman’s Award (1 team), Regional Engineering Inspiration Award (1 team), Regional Rookie All-Star Award (1 team). So, in total, up to 6 teams from one regional can be invited to the “reserved” spots at the Championship, assuming no overlap. Rookie All-Star is one of those spots.



Another question…
Is it true that if you go to Atlanta once, you get to go every year if you pay for the inscription?

How to get to Atlanta (provided that you pay your registration and travel):

1: Open registration. This is organized by tier, and IIRC, there are 4 tiers, organized by how long since your last visit. Teams who went last year were the last to have their tier allowed to register this year. Then it’s 2 years, 3 years, and 4+ years, IIRC. Rookies are excluded from this.

2: Qualify. That means that you must be a “legacy” team, a Hall of Fame team, last year’s Championship winner, or win RCA, EI, a regional, or the RAS this year.

Theoretically, this does mean that you could go every year, as some teams have done. Practically, reality matches theory pretty well.

I think that you are confusing Rookie All Star with Chairman’s Award winner.

The Chairman’s Award at the world championship means that you never have to prove yourself through robot performance etc. and always get to go if you pay. The Rookie All Star is the one where you get to go the year you win, but then have to perform well to attend, or you can do open registration, as Eric described above.

Congratulations on the Rookie All Star win, it is a big achievement!!!

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Except in Michigan, it is different. you can get a reserved seat to Atlanta by A. Getting one of the 3 Chairman’s Awards at the Michigan State Championship.
B. Be part of the winning alliance at the Michigan State Championship.
C. Winning one of the 2 Rookie All Star Awards at the Michigan State Championship.
D. Getting the 1 Engineering Inspiration Award at the Michigan State Championship
E. The other 9 are based upon the FirstInMichigan Point system

If a backup robot is used there can be 4 regional winners so a possible total of 7 teams out of each regional.

I don’t believe the 4 Tiered approach was used this year. I believe there were only 2 tiers… tier 1 (who could register earlier for CMP) was composed of all teams that did not attend CMP last year. Tier 2 was everyone else…

This allowed ANY team that had not attended last year to have the first crack at the early registrations…


I just have to say that robot looks sweet. :eek: We’ve been at this 10 years, and haven’t had one look that good. Great job and congrats. We’ll see you in Atlanta:D

correct and the deadlines were all posted here: