Rookie Allstars: what sets you apart?

i am very excited to see so many rookie teams doing so well this year and after reading this thread ( ) i was thinking to myself what sets your team above and beyond a regular rookie team. did you have great mentors?, did you do alot of community service?, etc.

i feel that the rookie allstar award is the rookie version of the chairmans award and i would just like to know what your team did to win it.

My team, rookie team #1511 “Rolling Thunder” won the All-Star award at the Finger Lakes Regional.

How did we do it? That’s easy.

With a lot of help from GREAT MENTORS like yourself!

In all seriousness, there must be a lot of reasons why we got the nod from the judges. I think that each rookie team should re-visit the questions in the Chairman’s Award submission and look in the mirror to seriusly reflect on the answers.

FIRST is about a whole lot more than building the 'bot. I really wish I had this kind of event when I was in high school. Rookie teams who get this sort of experience will be just that much further ahead in the real world.