Rookie Awards

Hello Teams!

As my mentors have said it “bag n tag as come and gone”, which is a huge weight lifted off of most members! Anyways, we still have a duration of today left to put final touches to our award submissions so I had few questions to ask:

I am running A rookie team, and they have finished all awards listen on the STIMS (Business Plan (I forgot what it was called!), Deans List, Woodie Flowers, and Rookie All-Star). Are their any other awards that Rookie qualify for? I understand that their are more awards that are judged on performance at each participated regional event. If I have hit every single available aware for Rookie Teams, then that is great! If not, I can accommodate some sort of resources to make a value for our work!

For a start, good luck at your regional!

Off the top of my head, I don’t think that there are anymore awards that you can submit for, but someone please correct me if I’m wrong. I’m not sure if you guys can submit for the Media and Technological Innovation award, but I would presume so. Check out for the award criteria.

There are a few awards at the regional that need preparation, even though it is judged at the regional. The Imagery Award is a good example.

Thanks! We made sure and searched throughout the night and found out that we nailed everything! (YES!!). I was disappointed though, apparently the STIMS for award submission was still open at 3:23 PST! Unless their was a glitch in the system and FIRST acknowledges that, I think it was unfair for those who tried to wrap up their work on the deadline. Anyways, I may be missing out on something, but hope their is a fair solution to this.