Rookie Brazilian Team Needs Help Programming LabView

We are a new Brazilian team and we need help with programming in LabView, because we have no mentor in this area.

Our regional will take place on Long Island on March 26 and we will not be able to finish the robot until that date.

The team 8276 thanks.

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If it’s not too late I would suggest switching to Java. Labview is complicated and not used as much as text based languages.

Good luck guys! I know it is late in the season but I do suggest switching to java. It seems at first that labview is the easier but you will find more examples and more help with Java as that is what most teams use. If you would like to switch and you need help, feel free to contact me. For now you can find tons of documentation either on

Hello guys! PM me your contact so i can put you in touch with one of ours LabView Programmers.

Team 1156 from brazil here too!


I can also help with LabVIEW when you get to Long Island, or online here.
I’ll be one of the CSAs (orange hat) at Long Island. Look for an orange hat or ask any volunteer.

Oiii time 1156 nossas redes sociais são:

Whatsapp membro programação: 12981316098

entrem em contato com a gente por onde acharem mais conveniente.

Agradecemos muito a ajuda!

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