Rookie Chairmans Team Winning

For all of you investigators on here, can someone post data with how many teams that apply for a chairmans award win in their first year. Thanks in advance!

Well, rookie teams aren’t eligible for Chairman’s. If you’re just talking about the first time a team submitted… there’s no way to know. FIRST doesn’t publish any sort of list of the teams that present at an event.


All that got the NASA grants are required to, but other than those, who knows.

No, rookie teams receiving the NASA grant are required to “COMPLETE and submit an annual report (aka Chairman’s Award) to NASA.” As they are not eligible for the award (per FIRST’s award description), I doubt STIMS would even allow them to submit it for consideration. So they can’t win, which is the OP’s question.

I think 191 gets the title of the only rookie Chairman’s team ever. Now, Rookie All Star is the award that fills the role of “rookie’s CA”

“close enough” – 6314 DM Robotics won Chairman’s at Northern AZ this year, and they are a second-year team, which puts them in the ‘first year of eligibility’. There’s probably a few more second-year teams that have won as well.

EDIT: see this thread for more 2nd year winners

No, a rookie team is still able to submit for chairman’s via STIMS but is ineligible to win. Of course they are unable to win but I was going off of one of the previous posts aboit how many first time submitters and rookie presenters there were. Technically the X-Cats were a rookie when they won, so that counts toward the OP’s question.

Correct. However, their submission does contribute to the Rookie All Star award. This is the Rookie “Chairmans”. FIRST does want teams to be able to build on their initial success, and then start on their Chairman’s run.

2486 won Chairman’s in 2009, their first year of RCA eligibility.

My team 4911 (CyberKnights) won the Shorewood PNW District event chairman’s in 2015 in our second year as a team (first year of chairman’s eligibility).

3132 (Hawaii 2011) and 6328 (SEMASS 2018) won Chairmans in their first year of eligibility.