Rookie Chairman's

So I know that rookie teams can do chairmans, but they have to bring it to championships instead of submitting it.
I can’t find the chairman’s criteria on the first website. Does anyone have the specifics?
Also, do rookie teams make a chairman’s video as well, or just do written?

A rookie team does their Chairman’s Award submission the same as any other team, including the video. Their submissions are counted for the Rookie All-Star award instead of Chairman’s

Except in 1992.

While making a Chairman’s video is good idea, you do not necessarily need one to win Rookie All-Star.

If you are a NASA sponsored team you must submit a chairman’s essay to TIMS by Stop Build Day

Ive judged at many competitions and don’t remember ever reading a rookie submitted chairmans award submission. If you do plan on writing the essay you can I’ve it to the judges that come by your pit and they may have a chance to review, but don’t count on it.

A key to the pit interview with judges is to efficiently get information to the judge in a way they will remember it, a 10,000 character essay is not the most efficient means of communicating the accomplishments of your team.
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