Rookie Command Based Feedback

Hello, I am part of a Rookie team (though I have previous Java experience), and would like feedback on my code.

Specifically, anything I’m doing that would deviate from the Command Based structure. I also do not have experience using/tuning PID.

I apologize for any code that is just plain messy, I have a tendency to comment something instead of removing it, so I can easily go back - and then leaving it in.

I need to do the same… how did you figure the upload to github?

Short version: I’ve used github before…

Long version: created an organization, made a blank repository. Opened up github desktop and made a repository in the directory of my code. Edited the remote to point to the blank repository (the URL ending in .git). Installed a Git client for Eclipse from the marketplace (actually multiple, dunno which one I started with). Somehow I got that setup so I now have a “Git Staging” window in eclipse where I can select files to commit and push, I really don’t remember how.

Send me pm if you need help with github

Greetings, saw your post about command based programming. While I can’t comment on vision, the drivetrain aspect looks good.

As far as PID control there are many options for you to take to achieve your objective. What do you want your robot to do autonomously? Drive to a distance? drive straight to a distance?

there are lots of options.
Here are some examples of PID drive control we used for our autonomous is 2015.

recycle rush example PID command

if you look we are actually more concerned with driving straight than exactly how far. there are a few other PID drive commands in their for you to look at.

here is a video of the total auto

Also, during the past season the team has moved to using talon srx’s for all of our PID control. It is much easier once you have the setup done. I would recommend it but they are a bit expensive.

Also bear in mind this is just one way to solve a problem, there are probably better and other ways out there,:slight_smile:

Good luck!

I was planning to incorporate “drive straight” into the DriveBase class - automatically activated whenever turnValue is 0. That way, it is also active in TeleOp.