Rookie FIRSTs: New collaborative resource for rookie FRC teams!

Happy New Year from FIRST Team #3504, the Girls of Steel!

For the last few months, our Outreach team has been working on a website called Rookie [b]FIRSTs. This website offers advice for first-year FIRST Robotics Competition teams in an effort to help them have a more successful FIRST season.

While FRC teams have Chief Delphi as an excellent source of specific information, we believe that the FIRST community would benefit from a simple, easy to use site specifically geared to assist rookie FRC teams.

Thanks to a number of generous FRC teams, we are releasing the first version of this ever-growing website. A big shout-out to the teams who shared valuable advice to use for the site: Libby Kamen and the MidKnight Inventors #1923, Spartonics #1503, AMP’d Robotics #1708, Simbotics #1114, SWAT #771, 12 Volt Bolt #1557, Black Knight #135, Hauppauge Robotic Eagles #358, and Lynnbrook Robotics #846. You made this website possible!](

**Overview Pages: **Right now, Rookie [i]FIRSTs is comprised of basic overviews for each section of a typical FRC team, including Business, Media, Hardware, Software, and Electronics. In each of those sections, we offer advice to rookie teams and link to basic -specific tutorials to get them started on the right path. We hope that this website will gently push rookie teams in the right direction without overwhelming them.

Blog: In addition to the pages, Rookie [b]FIRSTs is also compiling a list of tips and tricks for rookies as well as a list of missteps made in the past and how the new teams should avoid making the same blunders. Add to the list by posting here in this thread or shooting us a message.

Get Involved: We want to involve as many FRC teams as possible in the creation of the site. Any suggestions, tips, or sections you want to add to the site can be added at any time. We hope this website can serve as an ever-evolving repository for all FRC teams to collaborate on.

Check it out and follow us as we post tips daily in this new year!

Girls of Steel, FIRST Team #3504

Please spread the word not only to your FRC team, but also to any rookie teams in your local area!

In addition, check out today’s tip: Getting Started.

This website is a great idea!

Here are some things that I put together after our rookie and second years, which may be beneficial:

Tips for off season, build season etc

Manipulator Design Checklist

I’ve already started to use this site as reference material in presentations/emails. Great job!

Today, we decided to write two posts in honor of it being** 2 DAYS** UNTIL KICKOFF!

STUDY UP!This post has links to good refresher videos about common topics that come up in the first week of Build Season.

Tip #5. Errors aren’t always what they seem to be. And it may actually not be the programming’s fault! Read where else to expect errors.

Check them out, submit hints or tips, and “follow” us on tumblr!

@Cem8301 Thank you for pointing us to those two resources! We will definitely use the material (and credit your team) in our upcoming tips. Look for them in late January.

@DavidGitz Yay! We’re glad you like it.

Check out today’s tip – Week One: Brainstorming

@Cem8301 Thanks! And thank you for pointing us to those documents. We’d love to credit your team and use them in a few of our upcoming tips. Look for them in late January, around January 25th.

@DavidGitz Yay! We’re really glad you like it. :slight_smile:

Check out today’s tip – Week One: Brainstorming

Also, don’t forget to submit tips, resources, or things you’d like to see!

This is great and rookies really should use this resource. We were a rookie team 2 competition years ago and this would have been great then to help us start. I joined with my first year being last season and I feel bad saying this but our first years bot was horrible. This is awesome and thanks from all teams here for doing this you really deserve a medal!

@LMD3130 Thank you!

Check out the most recent tips, linked below.** Also, we’re looking for tips from teams that might help rookies with this year’s game. Post replies on this thread, and we’ll add them!**

January 7: K.I.S.S.

January 8: Code Comments
January 9: Build Your Team

January 10: Grant Imahara Talks Design

January 10 (#2): Organizing Your Team

January 11: Naming Code

January 12: DON’T PANIC!

I’ll posting daily on Chief Delphi with the new day’s tip so that the people who don’t follow us can see the link. Good luck to all teams with Rebound Rumble! Don’t forget to submit tips, ask questions, and request information.

Hello All! Enjoy today’s tip:
January 13: Create a community within your team.

We’re also looking for teams who have competed in either 2006 or 2009 to submit tips of how to succeed (or where to look) for Rebound Rumble. Submit ideas here – they don’t need to be long, or can even just be links to good videos/documents.

Thank you!

Thanks to SWAT, FIRST Team #771, for today’s fundraising tip!

January 15: Don’t Neglect the Non-Tech
January 16: Do Your Research
January 17: Pick Your Drivers Quickly

Hello All! Check out the new tips, above. In addition, we’re hoping to have a “Rookie All-Star” tip week.

Rookies, would you like to get tips from teams that just recently won the Rookie All-Star award? Veteran teams, would anybody be willing to help us with writing these tips? Let us know, here.

January 18: #omgrobots
January 19: Integration
January 20: Sponsor Relationships