Rookie Having trouble coding the kitbot

we are a rookie team plus we are a special education school. Im having trouble coding the kitbot, when I write motorcontrollersgroup it auto fills with a line through it. Plus alot of other issues, can anyone come visit us and help? Im sure this is asking way to much but im asking anyway

thanks in advance


Hello! I am part of team 453 located at the Pankow Center, we are only 5 miles away from you!

To start what language are you using to code the bot?

FIRST also has a lot of resources to help with the kitbot and you can find them here.

This includes a zip file with example code and a full guide.


We are using java, and not doing so good, any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.


Here is our teams code we are using 2 joysticks and have a couple extra things like speed control aswell.


This is you complete code? It doesn’t look anything like I have. Im following the video that Dan made,

Also we are not using the launcher, I was told we didn’t have to because we are new and special education.

This is our complete code, it has been updated to have some extra features and is likely built different.
If you are able to copy paste in your code or share some screenshots or the errors I try to identify what is happening.

This isn’t exactly true. Your team will be competing in the same game as every other team. During matches you will be paired with two other teams and face off 3v3.

You can still use the bot without the launcher but you will have no way to score game pieces. However you can still be a good defensive partner that can help prevent the other team from scoring by blocking their path and pushing away notes.

I will do that tomorrow when I get to work, thanks

This is one of the problems I’m having

Is there anyway we can communicate via email or by phone perhaps or text it would be easier than the site if not, no problem I appreciate all your help

I sent you a dm with my number, mabye I can help.

Have your mentor reach out to me via DM if you are still stuck.

I am the teacher and mentor and I’m still stuck


The strikethrough line means that it is deprecated. What that means is that it is not recommended to use this feature, either because it does not work or because there is a better option. In this case it looks like wpi has decided that they reccomend to use motor following instead of motor controller groups, maybe because motor following is simpler.

So how does motor following work? Many motors have an option to “copy” what another motor does. In many cases if you have 2 instances of motors for example named motor1 and motor2 you could add the line motor2.follow(motor1). From then on until you tell motor2 something else to do it will copy anything you tell motor1 to do. For example if you do motor1.setPower(0.2) then both motor 1 and 2 will spin at 0.2 power.

It may be possible that using motor controller group for your code may still work. Something being deprecated and having a strikethrough line does not necessarily mean that it is bad and won’t work, but likely that there may be a better option.

If you want you can try using motor following and see how that works (just note that the syntax and functions may be different from what I wrote here) or you or continue using motor controller group, and there should not be any problems.

Hope this helps


  1. How much of the kitbot are you assembling?
  2. Which motor controllers are you using to drive the robot?
  3. What type of controller are you connecting to driver station to drive the robot?
  4. When is your competition?

For the group:
It could be the case that they are using the Java source provided with the kitbot, the PWM drivetrain that FIRST provided is using the deprecated MotorControllerGroup.

We can help you get to some level of success so these kids have a great experience.

Thank you I will get back to you today with all the information you asked for
Thanks again

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They compete at Troy 1 March 22nd-24th

Then with us at Macomb March 28th-30th

Still have some time, that’s week 4 and week 5

We are just using the chassis no launcher, we will be at Troy the 22nd-24th and Macomb March 28th-30th
we are using the AndyMarkpm25r motors, Logitech F310,