Rookie Help- Toggle a spike

We are trying to push a button on our joystick to make the spike remain on. I am assuming that this is a toggle function. We have searched for ways to toggle using LabView but there are some conflicting methods as to which one was best.

Can anyone help point us towards a sample code that will do this?

A simple search found a number of solutions

Make this a sub VI and make it re-entrant. Then use it where ever you need a toggle boolean output.



Thats the way the Boolean constants used to look.
In LabVIEW 2012 they are single [T] or [F]

Right click on the init of the Feedback and create constant. Click it to switch it between [F] and [T]

More information on re-entrant VIs: and

Basically, with a re-entrant VI, LabVIEW will allocate each instance of the VI like an independent sub-VI. This allows you to run all of the instances simultaneously without them interfering with each other.

To make a VI re-entrant, go to File»VI Properties (or hit crtl + I) and select “Execution” from the drop down menu.

Thanks for the help! We got it working last night!