Rookie Inspiration and Rookie All-Star

Hello, I am from team 3952, the desTROYers. We’ve just won the Rookie Inspiration award yesterday. Here is our situation: we’ve done a lot of community outreach, but our robot hasn’t been functioning well (we’re currently the 7th rookie seed). We’d like to know if we still have a shot to get Rookie All-Star and qualify for worlds, assuming we clutch our robot and have it be able to balance on the bridges.

Thanks in advance!

No I’m afraid you win one or the other, never both. Of course many teams would die and go to heaven if they win Rookie Inspiration but that doesn’t qualify you for Worlds.

Dont give up yet. You can still be invited to join an alliance. Especially if you can balance and show some defense or hybrid potential. Often there are very subtle things that separate the 24th pick from the rest of the field. Triple balancing has been a big equalizer in some regions.

Thanks everybody, we didn’t end up going to worlds, but it was worth a shot!