Rookie Introduction Presentation

A few of the FRC teams in Houston are putting together a Rookie Training at the University of Houston on Oct. 11th.

We are going over a basic presentation for Rookies to FIRST. If you see typos or possible improvements please post them or PM me, I will eventually turn this into a white paper.
Introduction to FIRST for Rookies

We have the details and Labview Training material on the Training website

  1. Well Lynca, I notice on page 1, that you have Intro to FIRST for Rookies. Although rookies is ok, i find that word can sometimes be harsh, might i suggest “new members” or something.

2.On page 3, you have 2 quotes and the first quote has no author after it, only the second one does.

  1. This isn’t a problem, but Kickoff is January 3rd this year. People will remember it better if you give a specific date.

Rest looks good. Nice job in laying out the organization of your team.

Thanks for the suggestions over PMs and in this thread.

I’ve rolled out Version 2 of the presentation.

We made this presentation to many new teams at the Texas FIRST workshop this past weekend. Here are some pictures of many different teams helping out at the workshop. (you have to click on FRC workshop)