Rookie Kit for Veteran Team

Hi Chief Delphi! I am a captain of team 7759 and I was wondering if there is any way we can buy the rookie kit as a veteran team either through FIRST or a separate vendor.

rookie kit

No, there isn’t. You can buy a lot of the things in it individually, though. What from the rookie kit are you looking for?


I think you can get the entire rookie kit from andymark in a bundle, or something very similar

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I’m a 2nd year team also. I hadn’t even thought about this. As a second team we will not receive the gray tote that contains the rio and a lot of major electronics. Is this true?

Correct. We don’t know officially what you’ll get from the 2020 Kickoff Kit as a veteran, but it’s fair to assume things in that second rookie tote will not be coming to you this year. You’ll either need to rob your 2019 robot or procure extras.

Personal advice: Procure extras.

More personal advice: If you can’t procure extras, taxidermy your robot instead of junking it completely. You can still display it at demos that way.

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To work on this point… We have procured 3 Rios since 2015 (2019 is the first year we didn’t buy one Also don’t do this, not very reasonable) and have 2 robots worth of motor controlers. You just need to get a stock of what you think you might need for the future.

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Pandamaniacs own three, and probably 2.5 robots’ worth of current motor controllers (say, anything from the Talon SR onward). We did inherit a lot of the control system parts of 4901 when they moved to FTC, which helped the budget. I’ve encouraged other teams to make sure they raid another school in their district if that team folds, for similar reasons. Stuff’s expensive!