Rookie kit of parts question

I’m looking at the rookie kit documentation for last year (Kit of Parts | FIRST). There appear to be pneumatic connectors in there, but no cylinders. I recall that Clippard use to give a couple of cylinders in past seasons if you requested them, but they usually showed up (for my former team, anyway) after the robot was done. 2021 has a $20 voucher for Clippard, but am I reading that right and there aren’t really any cylinders available in the rookie kit?

Also, it says “Aluminum Extrusion: 48 in. x 2 in. x 4 in.” which seems like a pretty unusual size. If you got the kit in 2021, was that a typo?

The cylinders used to be a Bimba voucher (different company than Clippard). As of last year I think, a selection of Bimba air cylinders were added to FIRST Choice, replacing the voucher.

Regarding the aluminum extrusion, while I can’t speak for 2021 kit specifically it’s been a common item in the past. It’s normally several lengths of 1x1x1/16th bundled together, not one large piece of extrusion.

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Also regarding the extrusion, I think? 2020 had 4 sticks of 2x1x48.

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