Rookie Kit Pre-made CADS?

Hope you guys are enjoying your breaks!

I was wondering if anybody here has or knows where I could get the pre-made Solidworks models for the basic kit parts (i.e, CIM, chassis, wheels, motor controllers, cRio (or whatever the electrical board is called, sorry, I’m not electric) and so on.

If so could you guys tell me where I could get them? I’d like to get as much done before kickoff as possible.

Both Andymark and VexPro have CAD in STEP format for all of their parts on their product pages.

Until last night, that was true. AndyMark did a massive web site restructure in the past 24 hours, and many of the “documents” tabs either don’t exist or don’t work. A few hours ago, the mecanum wheels page had no practical content at all, just the tabs were visible; I see that this has been repaired.

There is a Solidworks kit of parts released every year after kickoff. It includes basic parts as well as that years game pieces.

If you need basic parts right now check out last year’s kit it should be available under team resources on FIRST’s website.

Anything not included there can often be found on the distributors website.

Happy hunting!

Update I found a download page from Solidworks. Hope this helps