Rookie Northern California team looking to borrow a base/electronics

Hi -
We are a rookie Northern California community based team in Piedmont (close to Oakland). We would like to spend the Fall working on a base and building solid programming/driving skills. Please let me know if you have one to loan us.
Helen Potter

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Hi Helen. It’s Ben Scholar from 5499. I asked Andy Cate from 5499/5419 if they have an extra drivetrain laying around. We’ll get back to you when we find out. If you need help with the programming aspect, feel free to contact me!

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Thank you!

Hi Helen, Sam Neff from 841 in Richmond - we should have a spare Kitbot available, some batteries, and other supplies, but I’d recommend investment in your own set of core controls electronics (RoboRio + PDP) so that you can keep them for the whole season.

Keep in touch and see if you can stop by our lab, we can definitely poke through the supplies and see about setting you up with some spare older gear.

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