Rookie of the year?

Which rookie teams (other than Baldwin NY, team 1546) are possible rookie of the year candidates? :yikes:

Theoretically, all of them.

Yep… all the rookie teams. Hence the name. :slight_smile:

This thread is reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaallllly early.
We haven’t even found out what the game is yet.
Take it easy.

Here’s your immediate competition. These are the rookie teams that will be at the Long Island regional. You’ll be competing against them for Rookie All-Star Award, Rookie Inspiration Award, and maybe Highest Rookie Seed.

  • 1521 Sacred Heart Academy, Hempstead, NY USA
  • 1537 Hofstra Technology Education Dept & Sacred Heart, Uniondale, NY USA
  • 1546 Mentor & Mentor, Baldwin, NY USA
  • 1554 Oceanside High School, Oceanside, NY USA
  • 1593 Verizon & high school for environmental studies, New York, NY USA
  • 1601 Stony Brook & Aviation High School, Lic, NY USA
  • 1606 Division Avenue High School, Levittown, NY USA
  • 1607 Roosevelt Union Free School District & Roosevelt Union Free School district, Roosevelt, NY USA
  • Bethpage is a possible rookie team this year, but they haven’t registered yet.

You can find team lists for each of the regionals at:

For all rookie teams, that’s team 1498 and higher, look at:
Right now there are 118 rookies registered, but registration isn’t over yet, so there could be a few more latecomers.

848 teams registered to date.

P.S. Baldwin might want to get their administrator to fix their name “Mentor & Mentor” in the FIRST Team Information Management System (TIMS).

Well, all of them are candidates, but 1614 (Albion, MI) hopes to be a leading contender. :yikes: We’re going to Detroit Regional.

wow… teams in the 1600s… i remember when the the early 1000’s first came around.

Who remembers when 17something was a high number??
(when i was little-er and my brother was on the team…)

:slight_smile: Yeah, it is really early.

However, I think it’s a great first step for a rookie team to jump on CD and start reading. It already puts them a step ahead since they have some semblance of the FIRST community. So, read away!

Well, just to set things off well, I think that 1504’s going to grab it at the West Michigan Regional. Though as a team mentor, I may be a little biased… :smiley:

Even though it’s awfully early I think an IndianaFIRST rookie team will do really good, help from 45, 71, 234, and 447? How could a team not do well? HAHA But seriously it is too early to predict a real rookie of the year.

It’s way too early to decide. There are so many new teams that have not registered yet and it’s too hard to say. My team, 1418, didn’t even register till the last minute and we won the rookie all-star award at the VCU regional.

That is true. The same with us. we didn’t register until the last minute and we won rookie all star in Mid-Atlantic Regional. It is way too early to know. Even during the competition it is hard to tell who is going to get it.

TEAM 1403 ROCKS!!!

2004 Rookie All Stars - Mid Atlantic Regional
2004 Highest Seeded Rookies - Mid Atlantic Regional
2004 Xerox Creativity Award - Cheasapeke Regional
2004 Highest Rookie Seed Award - Nationals

I don’t really think Rookie of the Year is something you can prepare for anyway.

Our team (1350) won Rookie of the Year at Manchester and we were about to leave before the awards because we were so disappointed with how we did. We couldn’t believe we actually quallified for Nat’ls. Needless to say… probably one of the best moments EVER.

My team actually DID leave, but my mother made me stay despite my loud protests. Good thing too…

Ah yes. The classic 1418 move where we all left the competition, downhearted because we weren’t picked for the finals. And then I got a phone call on the way home that we had won the Rookie All-Star award. Classic…

Wow. I really wasn’t expecting so many people to view and respond to this. :ahh: I feel so popular. :cool: