Rookie Paper Ideas

Hi everyone,
I am working on a “Rookie Chairmans Award” for Rookie Allstar. The problem is I do not know how long it should be. I have about 2 pages all words that I plan to add pictures to, but will the judges have time to read a whole packet or will it be better to have something straight forward?

Good luck teams,
Jamie, FIRST team 4002 Rhombi Robotics <3

The word count for the Chairman’s essay is 10,000 characters, so that’s probably what you want to shoot for.
If you go to this page: there is a link to team 2834’s Rookie All Star Award Submission. The judges will do their best to read it all, so you don’t want to include too much “fluff” and you don’t want to make it excruciatingly long and drawn out.

Good Luck!

Thank you so much. :slight_smile: Everytime I need help the bees always come to the rescue.

see you in st. Louis :wink:

Kudos for developing an essay for the Rookie All-Star award. It is always great to be able to document your teams development and this will definitely help you in subsequent years as you write for the Chairman’s Award.

In addition to this essay, prepare a single page fact sheet for the judges that highlight the things the team has accomplished that apply to the description of the Rookie All-Star award. Judges have limited time to digest documentation from teams and having a single fact sheet gives them the important information in a quick to read, easy to reference format.

Make sure your fact sheet stands out when given to the judges. Helping them find it in a stack of papers they receive from all the teams they visit will help you in the long run.

Good luck and hope to see you in St Louis!