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I was wondering if there was some sort of site where I could go for example code, especially since our programmers are inexperienced. We asked on cheif delphi a couple of times but other teams’ codes did not work out for our specific build, and we wanted to know if such a site existed.

Based on this, and the other Topic you created on Chief Delphi, you seem to have the wrong expectations. Most every team’s robot, control strategy, programmer competency, and driver competency is unique, and thus most every team’s code is going to be unique.

It sounds like what you are looking for aren’t “examples”, but for someone else to write the code for you, which goes against many of the values of FIRST to learn and grow. The member-base of Chief Delphi are always happy to answer specific questions and debug issues, but if we just did it all for you, you and your team wouldn’t grow as a result. Any sort of example you are going to find online is going to be in the context of teaching how the code and libraries are supposed to work so you can figure out how to apply them to your robot, or are examples of what a team did for their particular robot, which can also be analysed to find new strategies for your own programming. Neither of these is going to cover every single exact use-case, as this is a feat that there isn’t enough time in the Universe to complete.

That said, like anyone else, I am more than willing to provide resources where you can learn, and answer questions along the way. Also, if there are any other teams in physical proximity to you with programmers, I’m sure they’d be willing to help, and more able to provide more personalized and customized support.

Since you bring up other team’s code, here is a Wiki with a directory including the code repositories for many teams: Though I don’t see any for 2019 posted yet. I’d try searching DeepSpace on github and looking around, I’m sure you’ll find some.

I also have a resource compendium for Java Programming in FRC that I collated for my team last year and have done what I can to keep up-to-date. Many of these resources were created by other teams and are wonderful, including a few YouTube Video Series, some of which are as recent as this year.

I wish your team the best of luck in getting your robot up and running!


There’s also the FRC Screensteps page to get your team started with programming: . VSCode for WPILIB also has some template and example code options when creating a new robot project. However, as @gixxy said, these examples can’t simply be used as-is as each robot has it’s own mechanisms that your own team has to program. I’d be happy to help if you have any other questions! :slight_smile:


If your team is using Java, here is the WPIlib javadocs:

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I actually made a post about repositories for the Java environment. You can find that here. I additionally made one about C++, though based on what was said in that thread, I decided to switch to Java. That can be found here.

If you need any other type of help, such as choosing which one to go to, or any other stuff, hit me up and I’ll see if I can help.

Additionally, if you REALLY wanted to (which I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND), you could take other people’s code and then just change the values for the pwm connections, or the values for the CANbus connections, and just mix and match with different codes blocks. Though, I would only recommend this for learning what certain bits of code do, and not for your robot.
Note: you CAN take inspiration from other’s code, but you should not use other’s code for more that 50% of your code (excluding libraries, which in the end probably make up 97% of everyone’s code, just because of the wpilib library.)

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FRC Screensteps live is a great great help for starting off your code. It has many examples for utilizing specific controls features that you will need. There is also the documentation for either C++ or Java, depending on which language you are using. While you may not be able to use another team’s code verbatim, most anyone on CD is willing to help with specific questions you might have.


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