Rookie question about blue banners


Dumb questions from a rookie team…

Background: I’ve seen pictures of team pits on my “Google Machine”, in which previously won blue banners are on display.


  1. Is this cool or is this a d-bag move?
  2. Are there any “unwritten rules” about displaying such swag?


It’s very common to see around the event, I don’t think it’s perceived as “a d-bag move”. I’m not aware of any unwritten rules, you’ll see a lot of different ways teams display their accomplishments around the event.



If you get one, DISPLAY IT. Unless you’re 254 with 52+ banners. Than don’t bring them all



Unless you display it in a “d-bag” way most teams are pretty chill with teams hanging their previous year or years blue banners.

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It depends on the event. The opinion that I and a bunch of friends share is that it’s kinda cringy to display banners in your pit from previous years (especially when it’s from like 2007. Like it’s been 12 years get over it). I’m a little more receptive to banners from the same year, especially if they’re chairman’s banners and you’re at DCMPs or CMPs, but in general when trying to demonstrate your “successful team”, I find it better to demonstrate it by winning the event, or by being confident and having nothing to prove and just have people know that you’re good.



Essentially our team presents any banners that we have won this year(or sometimes if we repeat events to we might bring it) we also bring any chairman’s banners. I don’t believe it’s a d bag move because if you are a young team that got their first banner let them show it off.



Making and displaying miniature versions of the real Blue Banners you’ve earned is cool.

Making and displaying your own custom blue banners for minor awards that don’t earn you a real Blue Banner isn’t cool.



While we don’t have a lot, our team decided that we would only hang banners won while a current student was a member. So we put away the banners (now all of them :cry:) from 4 years ago and older. Other teams have other rules, and that’s OK.



What if I hung one of these up?



Personally, I like 148’s prank banner: didn’t move on Einstein 2012.



It’s always cool to see other teams and their blue banners. It shows a lot about their history and as long as they don’t use it to block any part of their pit or another team’s pits then I don’t see a problem with it.

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What if we’re an old team that just got our first banner?



The general rule in 1675 is we will hang banners from the current year or the last year.



The only ones that are weird or “douchey” are the ones where they get “Quarterfinalist Newton 2038” or or any others that dont actually give banners (Exceptions being WFA and EI since those deserve banners and didnt/dont have one depending on age.)

Past that, its more or less personal preference. 1983 has so many they have basically graphics of them on their pit, which is a pretty cool solution if you manage to gain a lot of them. I dont see anything wrong with hanging up the one you won though.



I wouldn’t have any ill feelings about any team which put up a blue banner they earned, though if it was more than a couple years old I would think “why?”. Not bad just I don’t see the reason.

If you win a blue banner I highly encourage you bring it to all your events that season; you worked hard for that banner, you have the rights to show it off.



I would recommend at the very least bringing the banners from the current year. It will help with making judges notice you and could lead to an award.
Personally I think it’s lame to see teams with banners from super long ago but that’s all up to preference.



Hang up what you want, so long as you actually accomplished what is printed on the banner. I don’t care if it’s an award that doesn’t normally reward a blue banner. Heck, you can hang a WNBA Attendance Champions, Billy Joel Sell-Outs, or an undefeated in qualification rounds banner for all you want. It’s your money and your pit display. You can chose what accomplishments you’re proud of enough to display for other FRC teams and judges to see.

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Only if it’s funny. A “safety award” banner isn’t funny, a “I tried banner” is



The rules I try to follow are: don’t hang more than 3 banners and don’t hang a banner if you don’t have any current students on the team who were students back when the banner was won. That being said, that’s my personal preference; hang whatever (and however many) of your accomplishments that you want! Be proud of what you’ve accomplished and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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that would be so savage to bring them all lol