Rookie Questions

This is my team’s rookie year with FRC and I have a few questions…

  1. Can we use co2 gas for propulsion and if so is there a PSI limit
  2. What is the max muzzle velocity? 12 mph?
  3. What are the illuminated green screens made from? so we can test our camera…are they just 3 green cold cathode light?
  4. Also, which PDF file would provide a GOOD schematic drawing of the arena?
  5. How is it organized once the teams are at the competition and at the arena controlling the robot, you know like how many people there at a time and what everyone’s job is?

Your help is greatly appreciated!
I may have more questions so bear with me…

We were a rookie team last year and we ended up 32nd at Nationals, so if you have any questions other than the ones listed here, please e-mail me and I will try to help you the best I can. I know that the max muzzle velocity is 12 m/s. While at the competition, everyone should have designated jobs (i.e. scouters, drivers, mechanical help, human players, etc.). My recommendation would be to have no more people in the pit than necessary…Our team had a major problem with this. Like I said, please feel free to e-mail me with your questions because we were in your situation last year and I know you really need some help!!!

  1. Nooo!
  2. 12 meters/second
  3. They are green cathode lights, but look in the manual. I believe they put one in the kit to test with.
  4. Look and see. They have tons of them, and they have the measurements on them. Just look at them.
  5. Please read the game manual.

Getting your questions answered is what the big thick manual is for…GO READ.

its great you are so interested in first and i would love to help but alot of your questions are answered in the manual. check the first manual for stuff they just updated some schematics for the field. once again thank you for your interest in first. me and everyone else on Team 1073 FORCE would like to give you are warm welcome. please contact me with any other questions and i will be more than happy to help.

i do know that you cannot use co2 gas for propulsion

i hope this helps
im me at rikkufan123 or email me at if need be

Ok Thanks guys, i’ll read the manuals and stuff. If anything comes up i’ll let someone know

Just letting you know, you have to read the manual first. My personal pet peeve is when rookie teams and rookies in general do not read the manuals and search the Q&A System for their answers BEFORE asking us or the Q&A System questions. It really bothers me.

If you have questions, you NEED to check the manuals and/or the Q&A System. The link for the system is located in the manual section on the FIRST website.

Q & A is still locked due to technical problems.

Hey Dorienne 007 why don’t you go speak whale and get off my back, ok. Like I have time to read the manual when our team is still getting funds to even send 3 people to the competition…
But I will read them, the reason why I asked those questions is so I could get them answered without having to look in the manuals. No one else had a problem helping me, but I guess in your case you seemed to think it was more of a problem.

Again, thanks to eveyone who HELPED me not discouraged me.

007 i’m sorry about the last post. I am currently very frustrated with this whole thing and don’t know if my team will even be able to have more than the base kit.

RELAX, all! This contest is to learn and TO HAVE FUN! Remember, ALL the teams were rookies once! You’ll get there! You’ve made a good start by finding and getting on Just roam the FIRST website too and you will get lots of help. The manual and lots of other helps are online there! Team MOE has a great website too!

Hi, yes I’m new to first, it sounds sick this year but i was wondering about some specs and technical stuff. So any help at all I can get would be awesome.

  1. What would be the most efficient way to launch the ball, CO2, comp air, or to use a few spinning wheels?

  2. What is the lightest cheapest metals to use?

  3. Can you use other motors other than the ones given in the kit? Or can you upgrade them.

  4. What voltage are you running off of?

  5. What is the max weight limit?

  6. What is the max voltage we can use?

  7. If our bot beaks on the Field can we fix it after the round and then go back on to play?

I don’t have any more but i guarantee i will very soon

email me at please if u will.

thx and bye

and how do you put your own avatar instead of the gears and flags?

Just for future reference, I recommend searching the forum before you post a new topic for anything becuase 90% of the time, someone has already started a similar thread that contains loads of information. :slight_smile:

Good luck and I hope to see you do well this year.

1 CO2 is not allowed and all air systems must be closed so I would recommend spinning wheels.

2 If you have the budget then titanium would be amazing to use. Practically alluminum is your best bet.

3 You can not use any other motors nore can you modify the motor, building a gear box is allowed.

4 the robot runs off a 12 volt battery.

5 The max weight is 120 lbs not including the battery or removable bumpers

6 the battry is the only power source so 12 volts

7 absolutly, every robot breaks, part of the challenge is to repair on the fly.

Your first two questions are about engineering tradeoffs, and ought to be determined by your team as part of your robot design. The rest of them are answered clearly in the manual, and need not be repeated here – especially because most of them have been repeated already.

Before you post again, read the manual, found on the 2006 FRC Documentation page on the FIRST web site.

I would be happy to answer any and all questions you have, in the manual or otherwise email me at

That said the single thing that will give you the biggest advantage this year is to read the manual, with or with out funds and anything else you will find it extremly helpful. PLease read the manual. THe thing that will make you more useful to your team than if you can secure them $10,000 is to know the rules and prevent them from making a mistake in the design stage that will effect them later.

thx guys you did help a lot

and how do you use a different avatar other than the gears and flags??

Some great points, and I am pretty sure all of them are right (it’s not that I’m doubting Dorienne 007, I’m doubting myself). Also, please Search Chief Delphi before posting questions (i.e. starting a new thread). If too much repetition happens, the forums will be jumbled. If too much repetition happens, the forums will be jumbled.

The ARENA section is best for finding information about the arena.

isnt this rookie talk

you should help us a little more and not tell us to post another place, it said rookie talk so i posted , im sorry , but i wanted to ask some questions and i got them answered and thank you, byebye