Rookie Regionals

This year I believe there are 3 Rookie regionals - Colorado, Detroit, and Palmetto. Detroit is this weekend (3/20), Colorado is next weekend (3/27) and Palmetto the following (4/3).

As a member of the planning committee for the Finger Lakes Regional’s rookie competition next year, I was hoping to get some feed back. Any feedback would be great. This is mostly focused towards people who have helped put regionals together, but feedback from participants at rookie regionals is insightful as well.

How did the competition go? What would you have done differently? What roadblocks did you face? Was it what you expected? Any other advice you’d like to share?

I’d also expect, based on the amount of work that’s required, that all the regionals for next year have been established. What other new regionals are there for next year besides the Finger Lakes (Rochester, NY)?

We did not attend rookie regional this year, but did go to Phoenix in 2003 for their first one. We went back again this year because it was a great event.

The only issue we had in 2003 was traffic flow from the pits and playing field to the stands. It was difficult and the access points were limited.

This was fixed for 2004 - there were several places to go from the floor to the stands. None in the pit area, but that was OK. There were several stairs for access from the stands to the floor for awards.

My suggestions:

Space in the pits so teams have space to work (one regional in or past wsa barely 8’ x 8’) and so that people can come by and see and talk.

Good access from the pit area to the playing field to the stands.

The organizing committee from Arizona.

I have heard that there will be a New Orleans regional next year.

i still dislike that name…it should be rochester regional and everyone knows it:p…

…i assume you are going to buckeye this weekeng kate?

if so look for the masks…lol

I also dislike the name. Maybe something that will indicate location more: Northern NY Regional, Empire State Regional, Rochester Regional?

i know i know everyone who i have talked to has disliked the name but unfortunatly for us the name has already been finalized…i knew i shouldn’t have resigned from the planning commitee