Rookie Resources...

Hey, over the last several weeks I have been developing a website intended to be used as a guide for new teams.

Come take a look and provide answers to a few simple question…
Unfortunately, for the moment there is a bandwidth limit.

In what ways could the site be more user-friendly?
Which information should be removed?
How could the site be more aesthetically pleasing?
What could be done to make the website better, or more efficient?
What information would have helped your team compete this year?
What information would have helped your team compete their rookie year?
What information is extraneous and should be removed?

Thanks for the help,
Ryan Fender
See you at Denver

If you renamed that page index.htm (with a lower case i) people could use Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos as the address to access it, rather than having to type the extra /Index.htm bit.

A number of the links seem to be broken, like, the Drive Train link. will give you a list of those and if you want to check other pages you can use W3C Link Checker

In terms of being more efficient; it would be easier for you to update things if you hosted it somewhere that supports either Server Side Includes or a language like PHP. That way if you wanted to change the style of all pages, the menu, etc. you would just have to edit one file rather than all of them. If you want some space/help doing this let me know.

I don’t see anything falling in to this category; but, I only took a relatively quick look at it.

Some colour might be nice; if the reason you’ve got everything black and white (with blue links) is that you want it to be easy to print a nicer way to accomplish that goal is to use a print media style sheet. You could also try switching the font to Arial rather than Times New Roman.

Miscellaneous suggestion: If I were you I’d add a section about FIRST-Related organisations about what they are that has introductory level text (maybe a paragraph blurb for each). Of course; I suppose I do have a vested interest in that being spread, though :slight_smile:

You should change the link in your first post to the fixed one because the other one doesn’t work anymore. Ugh, gotta go, but see you in Denver in… 2 weeks!

I can think of two other valid reasons for making it black text on white background, with blue links…one is that this is the default color scheme, and the other is that people like me with aging eyes can read it very easily this way.

Het there - if you’re stuck for bandwidth and want a solution send an e-mail to [email protected] - webmaster for MasteryRobotics Juggernaut 1394. We’re offering a program to support teams who need website help and or hosting. Check our website out at for more information!

Ok. Thanks for the feedback, the link has been changed…