Rookie Robot Reveal! - 8033 Highlander Robotics

Rookie robot reveal?! We created two videos to commemorate our inaugural season.

Presenting “Nessie”, our robot for the suspended 2020 Infinite Recharge Season:

Here is our season recap video, highlighting our early prototyping and design, plus field testing from Team 841 The BioMechs and Team 5026 Iron Panthers practice fields:

Here is our robot reveal video:

For info on the season, check out our website and our Instagram account.

Let’s see your team’s rookie-year robot below!


What a great simple robot. That’s really well designed and built for any team, but especially so for a rookie team. We have a very similar intake!

If you’re able to compete in the off season, throw a climber on that thing and you’ll do very well. But if we don’t get to compete, you’re clearly well positioned to build another great robot in 2021. Good luck!


I love this team.

8033 has had a really impressive first year. They were working with the community and getting connected starting their training all through last summer. At Kickoff their energy was infectious, and By week 2, they were actually helping us build field elements for our community practice field in addition to making robot progress! At week 0 practice day, they brought up more field pieces to help complete a full field AND were the first team that was operational and ready to scrimmage that day! Super impressive group of students and mentors, even more so for their first year. Really powerful statement of how the FLL and FTC programs in their city can build towards a strong first-time FRC entry.

They Get FIRST. They Get making positive impact in the community.

I was really looking forward to watching them compete in SF - that 'bot cooks! Looking forward to seeing it go when we next get the chance…


With a climber this robot would be super impressive. This is like an amazing combination of Celt-X this year (as Brendan said above me) and 3683’s robot in 2017. Apart from how this looks super similar to one of my old robots I have to say I love the simplicity


We took inspiration for the telescoping intake from the some of the 2017 robots, namely 971 and 254. We are currently developing a climber remotely, the quarantine cut off a lot of the progress we made (remote CAD for now).


Thanks s-neff for all the help and compliments. Your suggestions for our wiring made building this bot a lot easier and they made the bot look a lot better in the end. Maybe when this is all over we could have another scrimmage.