Rookie Team 3357's - The COMETS - Website!

Hey guys,

We’ve been busy tonight completing our animation, chairman’s, executive summary, and bumpers. This is no easy challenge for a rookie team, but team 3357 - The COMETS - is proud to announce the completion of our website! Please check it out, and tell us what you think.

Our animation will be uploaded in 40 minutes. Keep checking the forums and our website (look below) to view it.

Nice site! I really like the look and had a good first impression. Site wise, it runs very smoothly. However I have a hard time reading the grey on the white in the main content. There doesn’t seem to be enough contrast in the background and font color. Also, not a big thing, but the pictures take a while to load after the rest of the page is finished.

EDIT: It seems that external links don’t open new windows.