Rookie Team 5941 Needs Help with Autonomous

Hi Everyone,

I am working with Team 5941, but have no clue about programming in Java. The programming students have posted this thread (, but received no responses.

At this time, the students are not sure what the issue is with the code. The preference is to get LowBarAuton() to work, which is time based rather than encoder based.

Currently, the students do not have a method for testing the code without the robot. If someone can point us to a robot simulator for testing Java code, that would also be appreciated.


When/where is yalls first regional? Im not a programmer but i can suggest if you dont get any help before your regional to go first thing thursday to the pit announcer and do an all call for java programming help. If it is a simple thing you are missing im sure with another present teams help you can get your auto mode working by thursday afternoon

Check the original thread. I’ve posted a reply.