Rookie Team Again... Need Help

Hey, its Edison High’s TERTOLA team here again for basically a 2nd rookie year.
Last year was our first year and every member went on to graduate except me (still a junior). And i was never ones to fancy with the wire and electrical devices. Was wondering whats the basics of the electrical board that goes on the robot?

Can i get a link or list of parts i need to link together like legos?
Much thanks,

(basic parts, not phnumatics or anything)

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Walk through the control system manual here:

I know, it’s 5 chapters, but if you follow the instructions for the benchtop test, it tells you exactly how to go about wiring all the basic components together.

Also available on that page are two pretty important pictures. The Power Distribution Diagram and the Control Layout Diagram should give you your “lego” approach for wiring everything together.

I greatly apperciate the help man, thank you very much!

Yeah I looked at that big block earlier this week and knew it was the similiar to last years positive and negative charges, and I already Identifed the parts for the controllers board. thanks!

There is a variety of great reading on the First website. Check the links under competition documents especially Section 8 Robot rules. The First Suggestions document will walk you through most of what you need. Keep a drawing of the robot wiring diagram handy as you go through this. As a minimum, you will need to mount up the Power Distribution (PD), the CRIO with an analog module in the first slot, an interface card on the analog module with a jumper added for reading the battery voltage (see the Robot rules), the wireless access point(the black box) and a digital module connected to the Digital Sidecar through the 37 pin cable. Once those are mounted, you will need to connect power to the CRIO from the PD, power to the Sidecar and the analog output module. All of the instructions for connection of these devices are in the Control system manual and duplicated on the robot wiring diagram.

You might also want to consider the Robot Quick Build Session materials. Very nice set of step-by-step instructions for putting everything together.


Hi there!

The exact parts you will need for your electronics board depends a bit on your robot and especially what number and types of motors you are planning on using.

The documentation listed by the previous posters, in addition to the Competition Manual, should give you a good start.

I’m a student at the University of Minnesota, so if you or your teammates read through the material and are still completely lost I may be able to make it over and help you out if your team works at your school. I’ve sent you a PM with my contact info and some times I would be available.