Rookie Team Analog Breakout Issue

We have been unable to get the battery voltage to register in our driver station. We have tried putting the jumper in both positions, and have confirmed that the analog breakout is receiving power. But have not been able to get anything other than 00.00 volts to display in the driver station.

Also when the cRIO is booting it outputs this error message.

[cRIO] ERROR: Failed to read analog input calibration [0]

I have a feeling the analog breakout may be faulty. I was wondering if anyone knows what that error message means or if anyone has experienced this before.

We had a similar issue a couple years ago. It turned out, after much troubleshooting, that our programmer had also coded a sensor to read off AI8. AI8 is dedicated to the battery voltage reading.
Make sure you don’t have something assigned to AI8.

Are you certain you have the modules installed in the correct order in the cRIO? Starting from closest to the ethernet jack, it should be Analog, Digital, Solenoid. If you have the wrong module in slot 1, it’s going to try reading analog calibration values from a digital or solenoid module which isn’t going to work.

The other slight possibility is that you don’t have the module seated correctly in the slot. It should be pushed back far enough that the two dimples in the locking tabs engage the cRIO and you can’t easily pull the module out without releasing the tabs.

We are not using any analog inputs in our code so the issue of using analog input 8 is not the issue. All of the modules are in the correct order and we just reseated the module and blew out the connector with the air compressor with no success.

The boot-time error message points to the analog module itself not being recognized in the proper slot. Check the 15-pin connector that the module plugs into to make sure there’s no metallic debris in the way that might be keeping it from working.

Don’t forget to put the little jumper block on the outside two pins of the breakout board.

Dr. Bob

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