Rookie Team, Big Dreams (7486)

Do the Tank Drives! I’m a big fan.

Would the suggested elevator allow us to reach HAB Level 3 and score cargo / hatches? How hard would it be to use the elevator and build our scoring mechanism attached to it?

Since it’s week 3 and you’re a rookie team I wouldn’t start trying to aim for HAB level 3 and upper rocket scoring. Doing 1 or 2 things great will be better than 3 or 4 things mediocre.

I’d stick to level 2 HAB, Cargo Ship, and ground level rocket hatches. Any extra time for driver practice (even the best robot is mediocre when driven poorly, and having driver practice lets you work out bugs only observable after everything is integrated), and re-double-checking the rules to make sure you pass inspection the first time. I’d also personally go for pneumatic wheels over plaction, because there’ll be less shock loading into your robot (the air in the wheels act like a suspension system), but if you’re liking plaction better then go for that. Make sure your drive train is very robust though.

Aim to get done at the end of week 4, actually get done by week 5, and have a week of practice. After the robot is done then you can look at potential complex upgrades, but getting the robot done is #1.