Rookie Team from Switzerland Needs Support in Detroit

Hi there Detroit-bound teams! I was hoping to wait until division assignments were out but the time is drawing close so I’ll just put this out to everyone heading to Detroit. We are looking for teams who can provide some support for our friends from Switzerland. We worked with team 7650 in navigating all things FIRST this year and provided them with tools and supplies when they joined us at the Ventura Regional. Alas, they are going on to champs as Rookie All-Stars (and tournament finalists!) and we will not be there to continue helping. I would like to find a team or two who would be willing to get in touch with them and find out what they might need. They will be limited in what they can bring on the plane.

In Ventura, we provided them with some shelving for their pit, a metric ratchet set and drivers, a mini-vac, US style extension cords and power strips and made our tools and supplies available as needed. We also just guided them through their first event and provided advice on things like strategy and logistics.

If you are a team with some ability to provide extra resources, and know your way around the Detroit championship I’m sure they would appreciate your help and we would feel better knowing they have some new American friends providing some hospitality. They are a really great bunch and we’ll be cheering them on from here in California!

Oh, and they all speak English but if you have anyone who speaks some German, that’s a big bonus. Hit me up if you can help and I’ll put you in touch with their coach and school headmaster.


I mean, my team can lend them tools and such if necessary


If they need help or tools. I encourage them to come ask us here at 4362. We will be glad to help out as much as we can.


1058 would love to help and I have some limited knowledge of German as well.


Cool! Can you give me a good email address to share? We have a few teams stepping up and I’ll introduce you all to 7650’s coach and headmaster once I have contact info from everyone.

103 will be glad to help them as well. Tell them to come by if they need anything, or if they just want to have another team to chat with.


1720 is always willing to help out!


Team 5860 will be in Detroit and would be happy to help when possible.

I speak french and we have an exchange student from Belgium that may also help.


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Team 1729 can help just need to get in contact.


All teams attending Championship for the first time, please be assured that there are many teams who will gladly help you in every aspect, as you see some teams already offering help here. Feel free to go to any team in your division or other team, they will be help you. There are many teams just to list few, #27, #33, #51, #1718, #226, #862 (all of them are MI teams) etc will be in Detroit. Whether its programming, mechanical fabrication help or even parts will be loaned.

FIRST events are the best, everyone will be happy to help others. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!

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We are able to help with pretty much anything, just let me know what they need. We didn’t qualify for champs, but we are about 15 minutes from Cobo and are planning on attending anyways for conferences and watching the event, so we can bring pretty much anything you need. We still have our trailer loaded from MSC with our toolbox, workbench, shelving units, batteries and battery charger. Just let us know exactly what you need. PM me and I’ll give you our coach’s contact info.

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This is a great example of GP! All these responses should make first timers comfy!

Team 5687 is more than willing to lend a hand! (or parts ha ha). We are in the same division as them and our pits are basically next to each other. We always bring some extra batteries, stock, and tools for other teams. We also might be able to add some stuff to our trailer before we send it off to Detroit on Tuesday if need be.

I’m almost always in our pit so I should be readily available to help if they need it. Plus anyone else on my team would love to help out as well


We are packing our trailer tomorrow.

If it helps, we have a rolling wire rack we could bring for them.

Please respond and let me know. Don’t want to bring duplicates.

Wow everyone, thanks so much for all the responses! I’ll try to get them directly onto CD to all this themselves but I’m also forwarding info to their coach and she will reach out if they need anything more. They are in Archimedes so it’ll definitely help to have some neighbors they can reach out to.


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Thank you!!:slight_smile:

Team 4325 would be very happy to help out! We are on Archimedes and have a German exchange student on our team, so we can help there as well! Do they have a robot cart? We have an extra one we could bring, please just let me know!

We’re the Cassopolis RoboRangers, our German exchange student is Niklas!

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