Rookie Team Help Request - Ford and GM Sponsorships


Now that my team is not a “Rookie Team” and approaching our second season in FRC one fo the aspects to our rookie season was that we were not eligible for the FORD and GM sponsorships based on the timing of which we started our team.

I know that both FORD and GM have sponsorships programs but I am trying to find the timings, processes and procedures we as a team need to complete to try to get these valued scholarships. Can anyone out there help me try to put this information together?

Thanks in advance!

Pete Eckman


In order to get GM sponsorship I believe you’ll need to have a GM employee mentor on your team. If you have one they can contact me (I believe you have my email already) and I can forward their request to the appropriate source. From my understanding there is a wait list for GM sponsorship at the moment, but they may be looking at expanding the number of teams they sponsor in the future.


Second year teams are still eligible for the NASA ‘rookie’ grants unless the rule changed since 2016. But one condition of the NASA grant is that you must submit for Chairman’s award and you probably won’t know if you receive it until a few weeks before kickoff (like between Thanksgiving and Christmas).

Also - look up the American Honda foundation.

Good luck.


As with mentioned below for GM, Ford has a requirement of a Ford Employee active mentor. And we currently have more teams apply than we have grant money available. Apologies that this answer comes a year late, but I’ve only recently joined the Ford FIRST Board and only created my chiefdelphi account in the last two weeks. This came up in a search Ford Sponsorship search.