Rookie Team Help Request - FUNDRAISING for Next Season

Hello All,

With our season completed, we are now looking for Fundraising Ideas/Grants and Sponsorships for next year. Does anyone have the links to the Ford, GM, and Chrysler programs for sponsorships? We do have parents from each of these companies on our team. In addition, any national or state grants that we can apply for? Any help is greatly appreciated!

I would look at this : Team Rush - Community based fundraising

Also, check out the FRC Fundraising Toolkit

You could target the local companies in Fowlerville trying to get smaller donations in the $250-$500 range. Maybe even try to Webberville and Williamston too.



Thank you for the feedback. Do you know where I can find the forms and policies for the Ford, GM and Chrysler grants?

If you ever have a problem with being low on funds or getting sponsors, try talking to your local grocery stores. Most of them offer for high school teams to come in and bag groceries usually from 10:00am-6:00pm, and you keep all the donations. We average around $700-800 per day of fundraising. In our experience, it is usually Saturdays or Sundays only, and we have gone to Cub Foods, Jerry’s, and Hy-Vee. It isn’t a consistent source of income, so don’t rely on it, but keep it in the back of your mind if you are in a pinch.


The only local grocery store we have is Walmart and they will not provide us any funds. I have gone that route already.

Something else to look into depending on the state of your facilities could be a DART grant. I don’t have the details on me right now but I know they are looking to help schools build up STEM labs with tools and tech. We’re planning on applying for a cnc router, a mill, a lathe, pneumatics set up, and a 3-d printer.

Thanks for the heads up Jacob and it was great competing with you this season! Good luck at Worlds!

You too and thanks! If you can you should bring your team down on Friday afternoon or Saturday so they can look around. Worlds is something amazing to see.

I am covering worlds for RoboZone

I think the best course of action is to start by creating a potential sponsor tracker spreadsheet that can be made accessible to the people who focus on acquiring sponsorships on your team (i.e. your business people). We create a new one of these each season to keep track of current sponsors, people who have donated money, how much they have donated, etc. This allows us to see the dates contacted, method of contact, the potential sponsor’s contact information, date of donation, and anything else that is helpful in making sure that the sponsors are well-accounted for.

Finding potential sponsors starts with two things: a) finding out where team members’ parent(s) work, and b) researching local companies (especially local restaurants and engineering/technology-related companies). We found out that we can be more successful in terms of amount of sponsors received by assigning students to particular contacts. That way, we can schedule team visits and make connections within the community.

Good luck on your upcoming season! Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll be happy to help. :smiley:

A good way to get fundraising is going to your school board and asking, and if there are any large companies in the area, especially tech companies will be generous and sponsor. When getting sponsors it’s also very useful to be equipped with a plan of what you’ll tell potential sponsors. Good information to share is what FIRST is, the impact, how your team is involved and what you have accomplished or plan to accomplish, and sharing the impact on the students on the team and in the community, and what the team will use the money for. Another useful tip is going for companies that will help with material needs, such as giving you aluminum or manufacturing parts the team can’t. I did find this link that has Ford and GM scholarship info, though I’m not entirely sure how useful it will be. If you need anything regarding fundraising, feel free to contact me!