Rookie Team Help Request - HEX or 1.25mm Diameter Collar for Use

Hello, we wanted to see if anyone had a 3d print template for a collar that could be used with a 1/2" Hex or 1.25" PVC shaft so we could reuse some of the belts form the KoP Chassis for a Conveyor option. I know Spectrum had this type of collar on their 2017 Steamworks Bot. Any help is greatly appreciated.

You can use the two 1/2" hex collars on this page:

Or you can use the CAD models in those locations to make a 3D printed version, but I would be worried about the thread for clamping.


I think I didn’t get my request clear enough. I am looking for a collar for the HEX or PVC shaft that has teeth for the drive belts to drive the belts forward or reverse. I have shaft collars similar to the ones you indicated. I am sorry if I am not.making sense but trying too :slight_smile:

Do you mean something like a Vex versahub?

It may be bigger than you want, but we’re using the AndyMark HTD Plastic Drive Pulley Kit on our design.

How about 24 teeth and 1.654" on the outside flange diameter, then? :slight_smile:

(If you want to use the 15mm wide belts in the AM14U3 kit, add one of these in between:

If you are using an aluminum pulley, drill and tap and use a set screw short enough to rest under the belt.

You guys are the best!

You are looking for a pulley then. I think AndyMark has the 3d files for their pulleys online, which you use to 3d print your part. That being said, I have no experience with 3d-printed parts, so does anyone else have advice as to how durable they would be?

Follow up question is there a similar pulley that does not have teeth such as the case if I wanted to use the orange colored plastic band material?

I don’t know anyone who has pulleys for urethane round belts off-the-shelf; every team I’ve been on that used them would take plastic rod of the right diameter and lathe in grooves.

For urethane flat belts (which is available in black, I’m required by my anti-Clemson bias to note), most teams I’ve heard of create their own crowns using electrical tape or other materials. Someone who’s done it can weigh in better.

Are you talking about PolyCord belt? Or the kit-provided surgical tubing? If the former, then has both teethed pulleys for belt, as well as polycord pulleys. If the latter, then… don’t?

I meant the orange polybelt material that most teams used to last year.

Refer to the polycord pulley

You can 3D print these but beware that polycord tends to slip under load on certain materials.

If you’re referring to this type of material (, we 3D printed straight taper crown pulleys and they worked very well. As far as i know they didn’t wear appreciably or have a single failure.

ETA: added thingiverse link

The belt I am using is a flat poly material.