Rookie Team Help Request - Kettering Week 1 Mentorship

Hello All,

I am trying to find teams that are participating at Kettering Week 1 and might allow one of my team members to follow them around to learn what an event is, how teams use their pits and general experience before we have our first event which is not until Week 4. Any consideration is greatly appreciated! If there are any teams the would entertain this request could you please send me a direct message. Thank you in advance!

Will not be at that event, but we will see you at Lakeview. PM me if we can help you at all with event prep.

If you don’t get any takers, I would strongly encourage you to take as many students as you can to the competition and wander the pits and sit in the stands and talk to other teams. It’s all wide open for anyone to be there. Most pits will have a student who would be more than willing to talk with your kids about what is going on. That’s part of the beauty of FIRST. We are all helping each other grow and learn and be competitive.

Here’s a pit cam video that shows what is going on in the pits for a couple of teams at a previous year’s competition. Here’s a pit tourat an Alamo event. They’re pretty representative of any FRC experience.

Is there a reason you’re choosing Kettering 1 and not Southfield? Because you have an equally great roster of teams at either event, and whoever responds to you would lead your decision in which event to visit.

I would be happy to help. Go ahead and email me at aspiece at gmail dot com. Let’s chat and see what I can do to make sure it is a great expience.

We responded to your request via- PM. We also have a mentor on our team whose father is a lead mentor for another team who will be at the Mason event that you are attending that might be willing to help answer any questions you have.