Rookie Team Help Request - Looking for parts in Michigan!

Hello everyone,

I am looking for some help from Michigan based teams. I am trying to see if any of the Michigan Teams can spare the two plastic bearings that came in the KoP this year. Specifically:

iglide® J plain bearing w/ flange igus Inc. JFI-1012-08

I’m fairly certain that Team 2834 will be able to give you ours. I know that none of the new 2018 KOP things have been put in our free “garage”, but use the same form to contact us at

The student we have in charge should get back to you real soon.

You can have all of ours from this year’s KoP. If you want to come out to our lab, you can check out what we do, and possible get some more parts that you may need. Just let us know.

We are not using any igus parts this year If you want you can come get ours. I will be at the Kettering First Center Tuesday evening. If you need it sooner PM me

You are just down the road from us, Howell High School.
We would be glad to help out.
Contact me

Thank you for all of your help! I will send some private messages and coordinate! Thanks again!