Rookie Team Help Request - Software and License Keys Missing

Good Evening All,

I logged into our account on FirstInspires today to get the licenses for the CAD software we are provided as part of our participating. I guess the website is now refreshed and ready for the upcoming season. Problem is I need to load the CAD software to help teach my students before the next season and also I need the license keys for the LabView and the Drivers station. Can anyone help provide me with these license keys? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Are you going to program your robot in LabView? If not, you do not need a license key.

Which CAD software are you trying to get access to?

Don’t need a license key to get into Onshape :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe there was an expiration to those donated items…

I know that Autodesk has most of their products for educational use. Join the Autodesk Education Community, it is free and the licenses are usually three year. Though you can login and upgrade or get new licenses as needed.

You should email SolidWorks… They have been good to work with and supplied our program with software as well.

There are also many good free software available, like mentioned above.

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Thank you for all the help! One more thing does anyone have the link to the LabView installation files for FRC?

Download the NI Software for FRC first: LabVIEW Software for FRC Download - NI

After that, download the FRC Update Suite: FRC Game Tools Download - NI

I found this by going to FRC Resource Hub - NI and clicking on the Support link.

Call in to 866-511-6285 and they can help you figure out the licensing.