Rookie Team Help- Robot Won't Move


We just finished doing our wiring for the basic robot. We connected 2 jaguars to the 40 amp maxload and the other side to our two 12V DC motors running the chains connected to our wheels. When we put our code in and try to make it move using our joysticks, nothing happens. We are using the DefaultRobot java code. Any ideas why it won’t move? Thanks,


clear photos of the robot, electronics, all connections and the controls would help. Your issue could be hardware, electronics/connections, software, or some combination thereof.

Our jaguars are also flashing yellows lights is a picture of our robot

Check to make sure the PWM wires are not plugged in backwards ie: the plug flipped 180deg. in the slot.

The PWM wires are plugged in correctly

Did you enable the control board when you pushed the joysticks forward?

Howe do we do that?

Try using the Digital I/O module in slot 4 of the cRIO. I believe the default code uses that one.

The digital module connecting the Digital sidecar is in the wrong slot.
It should be in slot 4.
And you can get rid of the extra Digital module.

The Analog module in slot 6 should come out. It, too, is in the wrong place, but you don’t need it anyway.

All you need for now is an Analog Module in slot 1 (you do have it there), and a digital module in slot 4.

We are receiving the message “waiting to connect to OTA” in netbeans. It is attempting to connect through port 8001, and we assume this is correct. We can connect to it via FTP so we can assert that it is connected properly. The software has been updated on both the crio and the laptop. Why are we receiving this error message? We have successfully uploaded code at one point but this problem seems intermittent.

Just as a side note, i’d think about moving that battery to the center for better weight distribution. Since you’re using tank drive it’s not a big deal, but it’s usually something you want to keep in mind.

Did you push the ON button?

What do you mean by the ON button?

He’s probably referring to the circuit breaker (that black thing with the red button on top). Note that the red button isn’t the power button. The power button is the little black arm that stick out from the side.

Yes the ON button is pressed. Here is an uploaded picture of our wiring, it still isnt working?

um…wheres the wireless gaming bridge (DLink)

Do you have the driver station application running?
Tell us which of the main status lights and the Diagnostics status lights are green.

Swap the positions of the two unused cRIO modules to put them where they belong.

Are the status LEDs (one is yellow and the other green) on and blinking where your Ethernet cable is plugged into the cRIO port 1?

Are all the Digital Sidecar status lights on solid green? I can only see two in the photo, not the “batt” or 5v status lights.

It will help us help you with answers to Mark’s questions above.

A yellow flashing light on a Jaguar indicates it has power but no control signal. (More info here](, pick the black jaguar getting started guide)

One possible cause for no control signal is missing or mis-wired PWM signals. The photos seem to show correct wiring, and you asserted that before.

Did you “enable” the robot from the driver’s station? I’m not that familiar with it, but I remember there’s a big red button on the display screen that needs to be green. A disabled robot cannot produce PWM signals.