Rookie Team Help

Hey Guys !

So I was wondering if maybe any of you can lend a hand by offering up some know-how. Currently the rookie team 3927 is building the kitbot as a “practice” robot while their machine shops work to produce some of the parts for their drivetrain and manipulator.

Since I can’t be there tomorrow to guide them through the wiring/ finishing of the kitbot I was wondering if there is any manual online for the electrical systems and coding in particular. The students know JAVA so that’s what they’re coding in. Any help with imaging the Crio II or setting up the driver’s station is also helpful.

P.S. I’m looking at so don’t cite that please.

when setting up drivers station We have used two joysticks, but i have seen controllers that can be way more accurate (like xbox or ps3) these can be help full. also use a new computer the classmate sucks! :frowning: really! A new computer is faster and is more capable.