Rookie Team Help


We are a rookie team out of Grand Ledge, MI, Team 7665 and we are struggling right now. We have our chasis built, but the RoboRio is not programmed and our base does not move right now. I took over the team, but my background is in Marketing and Business. I have zero robotics, electrical or programming knowledge and it is tough finding people to assist us.

We would like to see if there is anyone out there looking to help run a team as far as the design and build, the electrical and the programming goes. I will still be a part of the business side, working to get sponsorship and help fundraising.

We meet on Monday and Wednesday nights and Saturday from 10-4.


Please visit the Compass Alliance site for some initial help.
Look for help hubs in your area as well there is a 24 support line.

This is a good starting point… I am sure some teams in your area might be able to help a rookie team… You are just a bit far from us but if you need please reach out… You should consider all the MCC robot designs as well.
A quick search and you can find the MCC info as well as the robot in 3 days…
Good luck and keep us up to date!


My first suggestion would be to edit the title of your thread to “Rookie Team Help - Grand Ledge, MI”

Luckily there’s a TON of teams in Michigan.

Please use this page to find teams near you. You can go on their Blue Alliance Page, find a team website, and contact them.

After quickly researching for you, I don’t actually see very many teams nearby, and the ones who are close are also relatively new. I don’t see a strong veteran nearby which may cause a problem…

I will keep looking but my best bet is to connect you with some Michigan CD users instead.

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As @JVN says “Build Within Your Limits."
A few questions:
A) How many students are on your team?
B) Has a student on your team programmed before?
C) What electrical supplies do you have? Ie. How many motor controllers, Motors, etc
D) Have you guys read the manual on robot sizing and in general?

Starting you have your chassis built! That’s fantastic the most critical part of your robot is the drivetrain. Move every match, Never Die.

Here is my suggestion, this will be hard to pitch to your team, but you may be successful in the end. Be a Kick-a** defense bot. To start do not worry about a manipulator but worry about programming, wiring, and driving. Defense may play a big roll in this years game and if you are good at it may payoff. Practice maneuvering to terrorize your opponents and slow them down from scoring be a Nuisance on the other side of the field.
To do this: Start with your chassis. Figure out a place for electronics and protect them. Now attach some material onto the top of the chassis to build a wall and be a shield blocking your opponents from scoring but do not commit fouls. Controlling your robot will be easy. Four motors four motor controllers I cannot help you with programming but there on instructions in many resources, but this may help:

Depending on your team’s ambition and budget build the Everybot! It costs 1000$ but involves more programming and wiring.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to help the best I can!